Amla is a sub-district or a tehsil, located in Betul districtMadhya PradeshIndia. Amla accommodates a rail junction, served by broad gauge lines, which connects the sub-district to Itarsi  (in the north), Nagpur (in the southeast), and Chhindwada (in the east).

Bodkhi  and Amla Town markets are situated in the sub-district; Pachama is the biggest waterfall, located 20 kilometers near the railway station. Major educational institutions are GOVT college, Amla; Nandkishore Patel Mahavidyalaya Amla ; Kendriya Vidyalaya Amla. Amla Government High School; Paradise Higher Secondary School Amla, Life Career school, Gurunank Higher Secondary School; Thakur Indal Singh High School; Indian Computer Science and Technology Institute Affiliated by Maharshi Mahesh Yogi Vaidik Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur; Jawaharlal Nehru College and Government College, Hasalpur.

A Hanuman Mandir and volleyball ground, is situated near Govind Colony and is estimated to be very old.  A big temple of Renuka Mata is also located in Chhawal, 7 kilometers away from the sub-district,and an aerodrum near football stadium of railway is used as joging place, sai mandir is very famous, a dam is near of it. Betul is a part of Madhya Pradesh in India and is a famous place, which has a moderate climate and a lot of tourist attractions.

Pay a visit to these places in Betul District 

Balajipuram Temple: The Rukmimi Balaji Temple in Betul is a place, which has the largest number of tourists visiting every year. The grand architecture and the lush green surroundings make it a perfect place to visit. The temple is constructed in the South Indian Dravidian style, which is also a spectacle in Central India.

Muktagiri: This place is located in the border line of Betul district and Amaravati district of Maharashtra. The serene beauty of this place makes one awestruck. The Satpura mountain range and the lush green valley make this place a perfect nature’s delight. This is a sacred place for the Jains and has around 52 temples along with a breathtaking waterfall. It is a must visit for the tourists traveling here.

Kherla Fort: This fort is a part of history as it belonged to the rulers of Gond Dynasty who wanted to rule the central part of India. Though this fort now lies in a ruined condition, still the architecture is an example of history and a symbol of the dynasty, which ruled here.


Kukru Khamla: It is a small hillock area around the Satpura mountain ranges and has lush greeneries around it. From the top of the hill, one can get the ecstatic view of the beautiful Satpura Range, which is mesmerizing. It is also a place where one can see a lot of migratory birds. It is one of the most beautiful places of India.