सीएमपी पहल


सीएमपीपहल(CLASS I TO V) 
S.No Initiatives (Establish a link with each of the entries underneath to give more insight into the initiative) Class and Subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not Name of the teacher in-charge along with designation
1 Making kites with glaze papers III HINDI Students could able to make different kites with their imagination. Yes Mrs R. Patharia
  Flash cards to show festival of Sankranti in different States of India. V HINDI Children could know about the celebration of same festival in different way in our country Yes  
2 Finger Print using water colours III EVS Identification of animals and plants. Children could develop creativity Yes Mrs. M. Jha
3 PPT on Picture Composition VB  English Children could able to solve  picture composition which is a part of creative writing Yes Mr. Ajay Nasre
4 Plantation III EVS Children could understand the germination of seed. They also come to know that all big trees grwo from the small seeds. Yes Mr. Bharat Dhote
5 Making animals like butterfly , elephant,fish with the help of glaze papers II ENG Children could able to cut and draw different animals which is a part of activity. Yes Mrs. N. Dhote,
6 Making model of clock and word tree with glaze papers. IV B English Children could able to cut and clock which is a part of activity. Yes Mrs. Sushma Nayak
7 PPT on hard words         V A Children could understand the meaning of new words . Yes Ms. Neha Gautam
8 Making masks of animals III B HINDI Children could develop creativiaty. It helped them to create awareness about the animals. Yes Mr. T.C. Bihare
9 Dramatization  IV Hindi Children could develop the habbit to participate in skit. Yes Mr. S K Mishra
10 Making models of camel cart or bullock cart IV B EVS Children could understand the different means of transport . Yes Mrs. Priya Bisen
11 Showing model of abacus IIC Maths Children could able to read the numbers through abacus and learn ones and tens Yes Mrs. Rachana Soni
12 Making model watch on hard boards. IV Maths Children could learn about clock time on their own Yes Mr. J Khapre
13 Showing model of clock with movable hands IV Maths Children could able to get knowledge of time according to the position of hand of clock. Yes Mrs. Gita Singh
14 Making masks of animal faces by paper folding and using mirror haves III Maths Children could understand the mathematical shapes Yes Ms. Mamta Rajak
15 Preparing community, cultural, patriotic songs Preparing song and dance of Uttarakhand for SSt exhibition.. I to V Children could learn different song and participate in SSt exhibition Yes Mrs Preeti Ambekar Music Teacher